Zigor Deba Pro Series UPS

The Zigor Deba Pro 700/1250/1550/2050 UPS combines design, versatility and simplicity of operation with the option of configuring the unit for different types of input depending on the customer’s needs.

The Zigor Deba Pro 700/1250/1550/2050 UPS with line interactive technology protects against voltage surges, stabilises micro-outages and provides backup in the event of voltage drops. This technology optimises operation of the UPS and ensures efficient use of the battery,extending its useful life. The Deba Pro 700/1250/1550/2050 also protects data against prolonged outages of network power supply. Its View Power control program enables it to save the files with which it is working and to close applications automatically in an orderly manner.


High Performance

AVR stabilizer


Small dimensions
Easy installation


Universal type output sockets
Control by microprocessor
Protection against surges
Automatic loading

Easy to maintain

Leak proof maintenance-free lead-acid battery
Visual alarms: LED and acoustic alarms in the event of network failure


I.T. systems
Communication switchboards
Telecom devices: Switch, routers
Other electrical appliances

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