Zigor MIT NG Charger-Rectifiers

ZIGOR MIT NG charger-rectifiers are based on conventional thyristor technology with the addition of advanced control through an embedded microcontroller, thus achieving proper battery management and ensuring reliable power supply to the consumption points. The ZIGOR MIT NG range consists of single-phase or three-phase versions with current calibres adapted to the needs of each project. These systems are extremely customisable and ZGR can adapt aspects such as surge protection, distribution panels, etc. to the needs of each customer.


High Performance

Charging voltage stability ± 1%
230V – 400V (+10 – 15%)*customizable
Charger current limitation
Battery ripple voltage ± 1.5% **depending on specification


Wide range of voltages and currents
Numerous local communication protocols (RS232-RS485, EC 104, etc.) or remote (via IP)
Adaptable to any type and battery technology
Can be connected in parallel


Optimised algorithms for storage management
Optimal operating range between 0 and 45 ºC
MTBF> 200,000 hours

Easy to Installation

Frontal wiring
Built-in protection

Easy to maintain

Remote and local signalling alarms
Functional information on the system variables by LCD display

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