The Zigor Power AVC SET DVR is an innovative system conceived and designed to mitigate or eliminate the effects of electrical disturbances on critical processes in industry by eliminating sags and continuous regulation of minor disturbances.

Energy generation, transport and distribution systems are limited and their instabilities can affect production processes in addition to having significant economic impacts.

It is composed of a transformer, reversible rectifier assembly plus an inverter, the purpose of which is to compensate for voltage disturbances and imbalances and regulate them in the event of voltage fluctuations and surges. The system also monitors and controls the events that occur.
The ZIGOR POWER AVC SET DVR ensures the quality of the network while respecting the demands of the industrial production processes.


High Performance

Continuous regulation to provide a high degree of stabilisation (± 0.5%)
Mitigates three-phase voltage sags up to 70% in depth or single-phase interruptions
Compensates for voltage dips even for long periods (up to 30 sec)
Independent compensation by phase
Response time less than 3 msec
Very high-performance power supply systems >98.5%


Wide range of powers from 30 to 6 MVA
Easy to adapt to any network voltage
Compatible with all existing protection systems
Turnkey project in accordance with the technical requirements of the client’s facilities.
Easy to connect up to 3 units in parallel


Automatic bypass to maintain output voltage
DSP digital control system
Withstands 150% overloads for 1 sec
Energy flow in both directions

Easy installation

Does not require adaptation of existing facilities

Easy to maintain

Does not require batteries or other energy storage components
Modular design that facilitates maintenance and repairs


Industrial processes (extraction: Oil & Gas, Mining, Logistic centres, etc.)

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