The Zigor Power DVC SEPEC is an innovative high-performance system developed to attenuate the effect of electrical disturbances on industrial processes. It eliminates voltage and frequency variations, voltage gaps and short outages for the critical components in the production processes.

The Zigor Power DVC SEPEC range is designed to protect critical industrial applications. Its main function is to ensure the continuity of the power supply in industrial processes where robustness is all-important. Its design enables it to work in conjunction with gensets in a configuration that totally eliminates network interruptions, thus avoiding zero-crossings.


High Performance

Eliminates network outages in the group coupling and also on power restoration
High performance emergency power systems >99.5%
Does not insert harmonics into the facility


Models from 200 kVA to 800 kVA
Turnkey project: custom design for each installation
Compatible with all existing protection systems
Absorption system (breaker) for energy return systems (optional)
Air-conditioned battery cabinet (optional)
Load equalisation that enables hybridisation of the unit with a genset and to ensure continuity of operation in the event of long-term interruptions (optional)


Load redundancy by STS static switching
Greater reliability, MTBF and life expectancy
DSP digital control system
Eliminates batteries aging by rippling the current

Easy installation

Does not require adaptation of existing facilities

Easy to maintain

Advanced management system, battery verification and diagnosis (optional)
Modular design that facilitates maintenance and repairs


Industrial processes (extraction: Oil & Gas, Mining, Logistic centres, etc.)

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