Zigor Telsis APS Charger-Rectifiers

The range of ZIGOR TELSIS APS battery charger-rectifiers is designed to meet the needs of the market and enhance the performance and flexibility of these systems for telecommunications and industrial applications. The ZIGOR TELSIS APS is a modular unit, which means that designing an oversized installation space at the beginning of the project is not required, with the consequent saving in the initial investment. It also enables redundant n+1, n+2 configurations.
Given its small dimensions and high performance, ZIGOR TELSIS APS systems can be installed in the same locations as the backed-up loads. Therefore, it requires shorter wiring distances which in turn lead to distribution improvements. The ZIGOR TELSIS APS has a powerful user interface that enables remote monitoring and control from any control centre. This feature enables diagnosis of problems sufficiently in advance to plan both preventive and corrective maintenance tasks, a feature that reduces maintenance costs (labour, travel, allowances, etc.).
The charger-rectifier modules use high frequency switching technology and enable connection in parallel with automatic load distribution. The modules are fully automatic and are controlled / managed by the TELSIS APM management unit at all times.


High Performance

Power efficiency >92%
Space reduction


Configuration of n+1, n+2 redundant systems
Optimum operating range between -10 and +50 ÂșC
Management of Ni-Cd or sealed Pb batteries


Battery protection
Current and end of discharge limitation
Failure rate <1/1,000

Easy to Installation

Frontal wiring
Built-in protection

Easy to maintain

Integrated web server
Unit supervision manager

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