Zigor TPS 120 Charger-Rectifiers

The switching technology-based ZIGOR TPS 120 charger-rectifier is a compact, easily integrated system with a very high-power density. It is designed to provide a reliable power supply in facilities with space constraints.
The ZIGOR TPS 120 charger-rectifier contains all the functions of a high-performance charger-rectifier – such as battery charge management, low voltage disconnection, remote alarms, protection devices, etc.- in a single module.


High Performance

High energy conversion efficiency
Low harmonic distortion
Power factor corrector


Management of nickel-cadmium or VRLA-type lead-acid batteries
Wide range of voltage from 12 to 48V
Compact dimensions for easy integration


Battery protection
Current and end of discharge limitation
Failure rate <1/1,000

Easy to installation

Frontal connection
Connection strip built into the unit itself

Easy to maintain

Virtually maintenance-free
Remote alarms for volt-free contacts
LED indicators

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