Zigor Volga NG Series UPS

The Zigor Volga NG series is a range of on-line UPS with high-frequency double conversion from 1kVA to 10 kVA that includes power factor correction at input through an active rectifier with IGBT-based PWM technology to ensure high performance.
It provides the solution to network noise, in most cases without requiring use of the battery, which extends the life of the same.

It is ideal for power supply to critical systems up to 10 kVA that require total power supply reliability and quality with low operating and maintenance costs.

Local data in the Volga NG series is accessed through a synoptic display with LCD screen. The HMI combined with the powerful software enables monitoring of the unit’s status and the information on its environment.


High Performance

High input power factor =0.99
Wide range of input voltage


1, 2, 3, 6, and 10 kVA power


The battery takes over in the event of absence of AC voltage
Digital control technology by microprocessor
Protection against overloads, short circuits and minimum battery voltage
Optional SNMP card / RS232 Ethernet converter

Easy installation

Universal type sockets for systems connection

Easy to maintain

Visual (LED) and acoustic alarms in the event of network failure
LCD screen with comprehensive UPS status information
RS232 + software for full monitoring of I.T. equipment
Option of extended autonomy
Programmable disconnection


Domestic use
Data centers

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